We are delighted to have the FRED jewellery brand join the range in our Neuchâtel boutique. Hurry over to explore the brand’s iconic collections!
Certain destinies are by nature star-studded... That of Fred Samuel was illuminated by diamonds, pearls and multicoloured stones since his birth in 1908 in Argentina, into a family that traded in gems. Fascinated by cultured pearls and acknowledged as one of the greatest experts in this field, he worked with the most beautiful specimens, especially those of a slightly pinkish cream tone now referred to as the "FRED colour".
His innate aesthetic flair, his avant-garde vision of “jewellery for living” that he distilled into the daily lives of women and indeed into life as a whole, enabled him to build a brand as timeless as it is atypical. He proudly conveyed an unmistakably modern spirit through graphic jewellery featuring curvaceous designs. Today, FRED perpetuates his unconditional love of light and colour through sun-drenched creations embodying consummate mastery of personalisation and versatility.
The Maison’s emblematic Force 10 bracelet, created in 1966, conveys both the spirit of the times and the marine inspiration behind it. More than a jewel, this unexpected encounter between a braided steel marine cable and a gold shackle has become a symbol of freedom and casual elegance.
As if echoing the imaginary world of wind-powered sailing boats, the Force 10 collection, with its variety of models, the range of combinations offered and the interchangeability of its bracelet, embodies a bold and assertive vision of jewellery. Those who wear Force 10 see life as an adventure that must be conducted with style and panache.