Le lien



Le Lien is a permanent bracelet designed to seal a deep bond between two special people. Whether an unbreakable friendship, an eternal love or a strong family bond, this bracelet represents the commitment and connection between souls.

Designed and created in close collaboration with our jeweller in the heights of Neuchâtel, Le Lien permanent jewellery in ethical white, pink or yellow gold can be embellished with the symbol of your choice to create a unique bracelet that tells your story.

Welded around your wrist in the boutique, Le Lien, which will be sold from as little 210 euros each, will remain with you over time.

When you visit the boutique, you'll witness the magical soldering process during which your bracelet will take shape before your very eyes. It's an emotional moment, symbolising the strength and durability of your bond.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, marking a milestone or simply expressing your love and gratitude, the Le Lien bracelet is the perfect choice. 

Make an appointment and let us guide you through this extraordinary journey. Le Lien is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's an eternal promise, a precious record of your shared history.