Michaud Neuchâtel

In the heart of Neuchâtel, the store’s design and ambiance is a reflection of the House’s codes, which are centred on charming customers and expertise in receiving them. The historic space has been reinterpreted in a distinctly contemporary style, with a focal hub taking centre stage, a vast oval that acts as a magnet before you are irresistibly drawn by the tempting displays that reveal and conceal each outstanding product. The House enjoys mixing genres, combining techniques and eras; the central oval is both impressive in size and creates a gentle effect with its graceful curves. Wood sits alongside more innovative materials such as silver-leaf. The anthracite organza is treated in a way that adds modern touches to the ensemble.

The architectural concept and the materials maximise light. Michaud employs simplicity and design to ensure that the jewellery and timepieces are the stars of the show. Each is presented in a case gives an impression of warmth, the gold and diamonds reflecting a thousand lights. As for the Rolex section, its watches are given a case that is faithful to the brand’s aesthetic and qualitative codes, bringing together the shapes, materials and colours with elegance and distinction.

Today, as yesterday and yesteryear, the fundamental codes of the House can be found in each and every detail. Knowing how to welcome, knowing how to display a piece to its best advantage. Know-how, love. A tradition. A passion.