Data Privacy Policy

In accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Law Enforcement Directive and and other rules concerning the protection of personal data which entered into force on May 25th 2018, this page presents the privacy policy applied by Michaud SA’s website. On it, you will find details regarding all personal details utilised as well as how they are processed and stored.

Use of cookies

Michaud SA’s website uses cookies in order to store data regarding visits from its users. Cookies have a default lifespan of 6 months and can be deleted by your browser at any time. You may also choose to navigate the site having disactivated the cookie function in your browser or by looking at the website in private browsing mode*. Certain functionalities may no longer be active if you choose to consult this website without authorising the use of cookies.

Every cookie on Michaud SA’s website contains a unique identifier per user which serves to monitor navigation taking place on the website using Google Analytics. The browsing data gives our teams a better understanding of behaviour on the site and to optimise it in order to improve users’ browsing experience. No personal data whatsoever is shared with Google.

* GoogleChrome private browsing mode
* FireFox private browsing mode


Michaud SA uses a system of newsletters to remain in contact with an address list of people who have chosen to receive regular information from the company. In order to send its newsletters, Michaud SA collects and stores the following personal data: contact’s email address and name and surname as well as the user’s gender (optional). The name and surname are used with the aim of personalising communication with subscribers in the most optimal manner and thus to foster the closest possible relationship As for the gender, this information is collected in an optional fashion to allow Michaud SA to better cater to its subscribers by sending newsletters that are tailored to their profil. These elements . Personal data is stored using an email platform provided by Mailchimp, which adheres to the Data Privacy Shield and guarantees the safety of the personal data stored.

Contact form and data storage

In order to provide users with the option of contacting its teams directly, Michaud SA’s website has a contact form. This form has a section requesting the following contact details: email address and name and surname of the user. These details subsequently enable our teams to manage requests and respond to people. They are then stored on the website’s storage server and in the personal inbox of the employee working at Michaud SA with the aim of responding to the request.

The server space supplier contracted by Michaud SA is called Infomaniak. Infomaniak guarantees the security of data entrusted to it for storage. Data stored in this manner is subsequently automatically deleted every 30 days.

Client rights

Every client retains the right, at all times, of access, correction, deletion and transmission of their data. As the owner of their data, the client has the right to limit its use.

For any requests regarding your rights in terms of access, modification or deletion of data, please contact us at the following address: