Watch and jewellery care

Watch and jewellery care

Approved by our various partner brands, our watchmaking workshop can take care of all your watch servicing needs. To keep your watch in perfect working order, we recommend that you have its movement checked every five years. This procedure includes a complete overhaul of the movement, dismantling, cleaning and checking every piece, replacing worn components, reassembly, lubrication and setting, as well as a battery change for electronic models. A complete service also includes dismantling, cleaning and carefully polishing the case and, if required, the metal bracelet, and replacing all of the water resistance seals. The typical lifespan of a quartz movement battery is between one and one and a half years. It is important to have your watch checked by an approved watchmaking workshop so that they can change the seals and monitor water resistance after any work carried out.

Our jeweller will care for your jewellery, performing any procedures required to maintain its brilliance and lifespan. They will clean, polish, re-rhodium plate and/or check the gemsetting. Our jeweller will also restring pearl necklaces.

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