Rendering visible the invisible tie that binds two people by love or friendship, like the halves of a heart that we used to wear as children along with another cherished individual…
After months of work, we're delighted to bring you the symbolic sharing of a precious piece of jewellery in the form of a dainty chain available in a range of finishes.
Designed and created in close collaboration with our jeweller in the heights of Neuchâtel, Le Lien permanent jewellery in ethical white, pink or yellow gold can be embellished with the symbol of your choice, to make the bond between you unique.
Welded around your wrist in the boutique, Le Lien, which will be sold from as little as 210 euros each, will remain with you over time without any risk of breaking.
We'd like to share this wonderful adventure with you at two exclusive launch parties on
6 and 13 July, from 4pm to 8pm
during which you’ll be able to share a few champagne bubbles and enjoy a 10% discount on your Lien bracelets for two people and more.
Whether ties of friendship, love or family affection, we look forward to sharing this wonderful moment with you and setting the seal on part of your story.

Michaud Le Lien charms

Michaud Le Lien bracelet