Everyone has their own way of wearing jewellery, their own personal expression. Discover your own way with STATEMENT, the new jewellery brand from our Neuchâtel jewellery store.

STATEMENT was born in 2018, from the conviction of its founder in an against the flow jewelry. Her creativity and sensibility made her prefer the sterling silver, this precious metal linked to the Moon and therefore, to the femininity. As Amélie points out: "Silver is rarely used by Maisons today, yet this metal has left an indelible imprint on the history of jewellery-making. It represents the past/present/future and is thus endowed with incredible richness.”

The pieces are inspired by Art Deco sophistication and the intensity of Brutalist architecture, crafted in a workshop with a unique know-how, producing a sculptural paving of rhodium-plated sterling silver.

Each STATEMENT creation is full of meaning and values. It conceals a longstanding craftsmanship and all the symbolism of silver: a chiaroscuro full of femininity and mystery.

Statement - bijouterie Michaud Neuchâtel

Statement_bijouterie Michaud Neuchâtel

Statement_bijouterie Michaud Neuchâtel